Fundraising Ideas Helping to raise money and school spirit too

When a Calendar is More than a Date Tracker

School calendars are becoming increasingly popular items for raising money. And with good reason - creating a custom calendar for your school raises school spirit, generates community support and makes money all at the same time.

You would expect calendar season to occur around the beginning of the New Year, but the beginning of the school year is an excellent time too!

A Handy Reference Too

Full of information like school holidays, emergency numbers, sports schedules, bus routes and even menus, practically every student's household will want one.

A calendar fundraiser is not exactly new so there are a fair amount of programs to choose from. Several offer standard "stock" versions that you customize with your organization's information – you can decide how much or how little information to include.calendar with image of girls in classroom

The average sale is in the $10 - $15 range with an average gross profit of 50 percent. Calendars can work well as either a direct sale or pre- sale item – just don't order too much stock!

As customization has gotten easier though, creative personalization has taken an exciting turn, and this is especially true of school calendars.

Although it's always been possible, it's now affordable to design the calendars featuring original artwork by your students! This does require a little more work though. In addition to the other standard information, you have to solicit and select the artwork to be used.

This version of the fundraiser costs a little more and there is a small investment up front. The calendar will be pre-sold via a brochure, but there is a small fee to create the brochure once you've selected the artwork you want to use. Another downside is the profitability can be less, around 35 percent vs. 50 percent but the "feel good" factor is enormous.

Café Press gives you the flexibility to offer calendars to your supporters one by one. That is, they'll print as many calendars as your supporters order – no over or under ordering, and no waste.

Don't look Martha! It's a nude calendar; raising eyebrows as well as money.